Nisab is on 85 gram of Gold. Poverty?

The relativity of quantum vis-a-vis this fabulous ringgit …

Below were the nisab for Selangor … we should use this as an index right? so what was/is the poverty level be like?

In Selangor the poverty level is income of RM930 and below.

That in the context of Nisab in 2017= 930/14857= 6.26%

Therefore in 2010 = 9000 x 6.26% = 563

In 2000 = 3200 x 6.26% = 200

And in 1990 = 2900 x 6.26% = 181

Bil Tahun Kadar Nisab (RM)
1 2017 (Julai-Disember) 14,857
2 2017 (Jan-Jun) 14,546
3 2016 (Julai-Disember) 13,536
4 2016 (Jan-Jun) 12,680
5 2015 (Jul-Dis) 11,831
6 2015 (Jan-Jun) 11,145
7 2014 (Jul-Dis) 11,465
8 2014 (Jan-Jun) 11,650
9 2013 (Jul-Dis) 13,140
10 2013 (Jan-Jun) 14,065
11 2012 13,000
12 2011 10,650
13 2010 9,000
14 2009 7,900
15 2008 6,400
16 2007 6,100
17 2006 4,500
18 2005 4,200
19 2004 3,900
20 2003 3,400
21 2002 2,900
22 2001 2,600
23 2000 3,200
24 1999 2,900
25 1998 2,900
26 1997 2,800
27 1996 2,700
28 1995 2,700
29 1994 2,900
30 1993 2,900
31 1992 2,900
32 1991 2,900
33 1990 2,900


B17 Apricot Seeds

Testimony From A Cancer Survivor, Mr. Halim, 6th of January 2018

No wonder people last time do not have cancer, What Is The Secrets?

This was my own experience, recovering from cancer by consuming cassava (topioca or ubi kayu). Hopefully my experience would benefit many people.

I had stage 2 bladder cancer. After seven years suffering from cancer in the urethra, my kidneys, urethra and part of the bladder had to be removed.

After that I had to undergo radiation in the abdomen. I felt good for seven years but I still go through a routine check every year. In the seventh year, there was blood in my urine which was caused by the spread of cancer cells in the bladder. The cancer appeared again. What if the cancer spread again.

From the Internet, I found information regarding the use of apricot seeds for treating cancer in Australia and America without chemotherapy. A British doctor working in an isolated place in Afghanishtan found vitamin B17 content in apricot seeds.

In Afghanishtan, they ate apricots and also the seeds. Apricot seeds had bitter taste. People from this area did not have cancer.

After doing some investigations, it turned out that apricot seeds contain vitamin B17. While being treated for cancer, I would look for food that also contained vitamin B17. It turned out that cassava has vitamin B17. So I ate 10 grams of cassava three times a day.

After eating cassava for one month, my doctor checked my bladder for cancer. He was surprised because my bladder was completely clean and normal.

As long as I kept eating cassava, I feIt very fit and very healthy. Every three months I would go for check up and my results remained clean. Since then, I only ate cassava and did not continue other cancer medications.

Summary of vitamin B17 active ingredients of cassava are:
The scientific name of vitamin B17 is Amygdaline. Cancer cells are immature cells, have different enzymes compare to normal cell.

When vitamin B17 is combined with normal cell enzyme, B17 will turn into 3 types of sugar. But when combined with cancer cell enzyme, B17 turns into 1 sugar, 1 benzaldehyde and 1 hydrocyanic acid. This hydrocyanic acid kills cancer cells locally. Apricot and cassava seeds both contain vitamin B17.

After I wrote the article about cassava in 2010, I received some information from cancer patients who also ate cassava.

Mr. Pereira, a 70-year-old man, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His wife at the hospital happened to read my article. They had no money for the cancer treatment and the injection given make Mr.Pereira very weak. His wife gave Mr. Pereira cassava to consume. After eating cassava for a week, his situation started getting better. And after a month of eating cassava every morning, his PSA test result improved from 280-290 to becoming 5.89! They visited me to show the test results before and after eating cassava. Pereira did not have any symptoms of cancer after continuing eating cassava.

There was another person who had liver cancer and had to undergo surgery. But from the MRI scan results, there cancer cells still exist. So, she started eating cassava after surgery. A month after eating cassava or ubi kayu, doctors told her no need to undergo surgery anymore because the MRI scan did not show any cancer cells were present in her liver.

So why not try cassava for curing cancer? It is cheap, easy to get, easy to cook and very tasty. It’s very easy:
1. Choose fresh topioca or cassava, which has no bluish colour on its surface.
2. Boil them and do not cover the pan during cooking. This will help evaporating the excess midrosianic acid.
3. During eating topioca, do not eat ginger/ ginger foods, such as ginger biscuits, ginger beer, gin at the same time.

Shared by Krissy Gee



  1. Siap sedia anak isteri untuk berbuka puasa.
  2. Memperbanyakkan doa sebelum berbuka kerana di waktu itu adalah saat dimustajabkan doa.
  3. Berbuka puasa dengan makanan yang manis seperti buah kurma dan jangan makan terlalu banyak. Solat Maghrib berjemaah.

8.00 MALAM

  1. Solat Isya’ berjemaah dan diteruskan dengan solat Tarawih
  2. Bacalah Al-Quran dengan penuh tadabburتدبر , seeloknya baca dengan bertadarus (seorang baca, yang lain menyemaknya), cuba khatam-kan Al-Quran.

10.30 MALAM

  1. Memperbanyakkan istighfar sebelum tidur.
  2. Berniatlah untuk puasa esok hari.
  3. Tidur awal agar dapat bangun awal untuk beribadah.
  4. Bacalah doa tidur.
  5. Ingatlah tidur adalah mati yang sementara, kemungkinan kita dipanggil ALLAH ketika tidur.

4.00 PAGI

  1. Bangun tidur dan baca doa.
  2. Berniat untuk melakukan sebanyak mungkin kebaikan pada hari ini.
  3. Mandi dan membersihkan diri.
  4. Mengambil wudhu’ dan memakai pakaian yang suci dan wangian.

4.30 PAGI

  1. Solat 2 Rakaat Sunat Taubat (التوبة).
    – Angkatlah tangan memohon ampun kepada ALLAH. Menangislah menyesali dosa-dosa lalu.
  2. Solat sunat Tahajjud 2/4 rakaat.
    – Selepas solat, angkatlah tangan berdoa kepada ALLAH.
  3. Solat sunat Hajat 2 rakaat.
    – Ketika sujud terakhir sertakan di dalam hati segala hajat ‘DUNIAWI & UKHRAWI.
  4. Solat sunat Witir 3, 5, 7, 9 atau 11 rakaat.
  5. Perbanyakkan berdoa kepada ALLAH dengan penuh rasa kehambaan, rendah diri, agar ALLAH ampunkan dosa-dosa kita dan menerima amalan kita.
  6. Baca dan tadabburlah Al- Quran.
  7. Berzikir.

5.15 PAGI

  1. Makan sahur.
  2. Bersiwak atau mengosok gigi dan membersihkan mulut.

5.30 PAGI

  1. Bersiap menunggu waktu Subuh dengan membaca Al-Quran atau berselawat/berzikir.
  2. Solat sunat Subuh
  3. Solat Subuh berjemaah
  4. Berwirid atau membaca ma’thurat.
  5. Baca dan tadabburlah Al-Quran.

10.00 PAGI

  1. Sembahyang sunat Dhuha 2/4/6/8 rakaat.
  2. Bersedekah harta/tenaga.
  3. Baca dan tadabburlah Al-Quran walaupun beberapa ayat sahaja.


  1. Bersiap untuk solat Zohor.
  2. Menunggu waktu solat dengan berselawat/berzikir.
  3. Solat Zohor berjemaah.
  4. Laksanakan juga solat sunat Rawatib.
  5. Baca dan tadabburlah Al-Quran.


  1. Bersedia untuk solat Asar.
  2. Laksanakan solat sunat Qabliyah.
  3. Solat Asar berjemaah.
  4. Berwirid atau membaca ma’thurat.
  5. Baca dan tadabburlah Al-Quran.


  1. Membeli barang-barang keperluan berbuka dan sahur tanpa berlebih-lebih serta tidak membazir dan boros.
  2. Ingatlah walaupun syaitan dirantai tetapi nafsu masih ada dalam diri kita!

Ramadhan Kareem

Malaysia Baru

Well written article by Steve Hagger.

Happy Sunday (by Steve Hagger)

A peaceful transition
Malaysia has done the impossible & achieved a peaceful transition of power from BN / UMNO, which had been in continuous power since independence. The 7th Prime Minister (PM), was eventually sworn in by an unhappy looking king. Dr M has ~135 seats (out of 222) & possibly growing, giving him a comfortable majority which will allow him to carry out his task, without doing deals & without having to look over his shoulder. Former PM Najib has now conceded defeat & UMNO is in opposition for the first time in ~60 years. Thus Malaysia has achieved a harmonious transition to two party politics over two election cycles. An evolution, not a revolution. This alone is incredible.

The Jedi council
A ‘Council of Elders’ has been formed to advise the government. The council will shore up confidence in the new administration & comprises:

· Zeti: The former BNM governor who steered Malaysia out of the Asian Crisis & prevented Malaysia from being touched by the Global Financial Crisis. She could play a role in overseeing BNM, which has seen an erosion in investor confidence.
· Daim: A former finance minister & Dr M’s former ‘money man’ from the 1990s. He mixed his own business, UMNOs business & his MoF portfolio with ease, never troubled by the conflict. The crony godfather. He is clearly shrewd & will be Dr M’s ears & eyes on the council.
· Hasan Merican: Former CEO of Petronas with a stellar clean reputation. He stepped down on a point of principle.
· Robert Tycoon: Tycoon. I can send you a precis of his autobiography. He could play a key role in keeping good relations with China.
· Jomo: A well respected economist who has studied the interaction between business & politics in Malaysia since independence.

The Cabinet
Dr M has shrunk the cabinet considerably, from ~35 ministers during Najib’s tenure to initially just 10 pax. This will not only save money, but will speed up decision making. This will be a difficult task, given that it is a coalition of five parties, while race, geography & gender will need to be taken into account. It is clear from the line-up that Dr M is attempting to work with his coalition partners on this, though it had already hit a speed bump on Saturday. The first 3 positions have been announced. The two other important ministries yet to be announced are Education & Trade.

· Finance: Lim Guan Eng, who was chief minister in Penang & is largely responsible for its transition from backwater to vibrant economy. This is a clever move, as it gets him out of Penang, which, after two terms, he has been in the job too long. He is a trained accountant & holds an economics degree from Monash. Incidentally, he is the first ethic Chinese to hold this position in 44 years. He has promised full transparency of public expenditure, in particular off balance sheet financing. Information on contract awards will be available on-line. The MoF will review all infrastructure contracts involving foreign countries. No doubt, the ECRL will be a priority. Ironically, he was jailed by Dr M.

· Home Affairs: Muhyiddin is the 2nd most experienced person in the cabinet after Dr M. He has never run this ministry before, but he has been Chief Minister of Johor, Minister for Youth & Sports, Domestic Trade, Agriculture, International Trade, Education & Deputy PM. While no saint, he enjoyed a reputational renaissance when he was sacked by Najib in 2016, for asking questions about 1MDB. He has never been jailed by Dr M.

· Defence: Mat Sabu, a former PAS man who presides over its splinter group, Amanah. Ironically, he has been twice jailed by Dr M.

The Manifesto
The manifesto can be divided into two parts, getting elected & fixing Malaysia.

1. Getting Elected
To get elected, the new government had to promise to scrap GST & to right the wrongs of 1MDB, FELDA etc. When GST was introduced, it was the first time that many Malaysians had paid tax. As a result of paying tax, they began to care how UMNO was spending their money, particularly when details of 1MDB were revealed. GST generates ~RM40bn. Replacing this with a sales & service tax will lead to a shortfall of ~RM20bn. Thanks to $70+ oil, there will be increased revenues of ~RM5bn. The manifesto promises to go after illegal cigarettes & booze, this will generate at least RM5bn in excise revenue. The cost of Najib’s PM’s dept ballooned to ~RM17bn. The new govt aims to get the cost down to ~RM8bn, saving ~RM9bn. There will no doubt be plenty of other ways money can be saved, but these three alone just about makes the GST shortfall. The manifesto states that there are too many agencies, such that they will be consolidated, presumably with eventual savings. The public procurement budget is ~RM100bn. Open tenders have been promised, which will provide significant savings. It is however a shame that GST has to go, but that is the political price that has to be paid for fixing Malaysia. Tolls will be abolished in stages. No timeline is given & compensation will be awarded. This is easier said than done given bond markets & the cost involved. Petrol subsidies will be brought back. This however will be targeted, rather than wholesale.

2. Fixing Malaysia
The manifesto is a dream guide to fixing Malaysia. It has been written by the 5 component parties of the coalition with very different priorities (socialist to capitalist), such that the result appears comprehensive, logical, ambitious & do-able. If it is achieved, then Malaysia will be incredibly well set to prosper for the long term. Some of the institutional fixes mentioned in the manifesto are as follows. It is hard to do this excellent document justice, please zap me if you would like the full ~150p version:

· The AG & the public prosecutor will be separated. The AG will be an MP & act as a legal advisor to the government. The public prosecutor will be autonomous.
· Key positions will need to be approved by parliament, via select committees, notably the EC, MACC, AG, BNM, SC, senior judges & the national audit department.
· The MACC will be upgraded & will report to a select committee in parliament & not just the PM as it was under Najib. It will have the power to prosecute.
· All MPs & government officials above a certain rank will have to declare their assets.
· A new freedom of information act will be introduced. The Whistle Blower Act & Official Secrets Act will be amended, together with witness protection.
· The chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to be chaired by the opposition.
· PM’s question time will be introduced weekly, for 30 mins.
· The EC will be independent. It will lower the voting age to 18, have automatic voter registration & re-formulate the size of the constituencies. Political funding will be transparent & regulated.
· The police force will get properly paid, modernised & have a complaints commission.
· Oppressive laws will be repealed, like the Sedition Act & the Dictator Act.
· Free media. Sarawak Report has already been unblocked!
· Cash handouts (BR1M) will continue, but will be handled by an independent agency, rather than politicians.
· The education system will be revamped.
· A Norwegian style SWF will be set up, funded by Petronas.
· Foreign workers will be reduced from 6mn to 4mn & the minimum wage will be increased from RM1000 to RM1500, with the burden shared by the government. Refugees will be allowed to work (hurray!). 10% of new hires for GLCs & government must be ethnic Indian.

Honest government: The Penang case study
Penang is a great case study on what can happen if you have honest, logical government. When the opposition, led by Lim Guan Eng, took control of Penang in 2008, Penang got back its mojo. He had no great skill, training or experience, just simple, honest logic. Over time, the change became apparent. First, rubbish was cleared from the streets & buildings got a lick of paint. Penangites (notorious for being tight) began to spend money on themselves & their housing. The brain drain stopped & then reversed. There was a property boom. Capital & tourists came back. Penang is now hip & booming. All this happened while Najib’s federal government did everything in its power to choke the Penang economy. Just think what can happen to Penang now that the federal government is on-side? The new government has promised to devolve power & funding down to the state level. Great things can now happen to the country, greater things to Penang. Lim Guan Eng is of course now Minister of Finance.

Anwar, see you next Tuesday
A full pardon is being sought from the King, which should allow the release of Anwar from prison on Tuesday. The plan is for his wife & seat warmer, Wan Azizah, to resign as an MP, triggering a by-election. This could allow Anwar to become an MP & cabinet member within 6 months. Dr M plans to step down in ~2 years & hand over to Anwar. The quick release of Anwar will remove the single largest risk i.e. the single-man risk in Dr M being the sole person that can hold the disparate opposition together. Anwar’s greatest asset is his charisma. He will be able to provide the glue that can hold the opposition together.

Heads will roll
Dr M’s most important task is to restore the independence & integrity of the key institutions. The genesis of Malaysia’s problems dates back to the 1980s, when, on Dr M’s old watch, the judiciary lost its independence. The appointment of an independent Attorney General (AG) is the top of the list & is in progress as I write. This will be followed by the two senior judges. A quick consultation at The Long Bar indicates that this should be a straight forward process. Once the Bar Council gets a voice, the renaissance of the judiciary should fall into place. Other institutions with corrupt or incompetent leadership will likely see change. The Registry of Societies (ROS) frustrated the then opposition. The Election Commission (EC) appeared to work hand in hand with UMNO to frustrate the opposition. The MACC (Anti-corruption commission) appeared to show selective prosecution. The key Government Linked Investment Companies (EPF, Khazanah & PNB) are very well run by honest technocrats & are unlikely to see change. Dr M has already stressed that any changes in institutional leadership will be carried out in accordance with the law & that in future, heads of institutions will need to be approved by parliament.

Just a 1MDB ‘trim’ or ‘a brazilian’?
Corruption has become so institutionalised in Malaysia, that it is unlikely (but not impossible) that Malaysia would follow Brazil’s example & carry out a full-blown anti-corruption investigation & prosecution. Malaysia’s prisons are already over-crowded as it is. It is however a certainty that the new administration will conduct a full investigation & prosecution of 1MDB. The work has all been done, curtesy of the journalistic heroes at Sarawak Report, The Edge & WSJ. The international regulators have done their work & are already cooperating with the Malaysian authorities, hence the raids in London of Najib’s property. The manifesto has promised a full investigation into 1MDB, FELDA, MARA & Tabung Haji. The people will demand ‘scalps’ & will want to see the repatriation of stolen trophies (jewels, artwork, yachts etc.). Malaysian Official No 1 will become former prime minister Najib & will no longer be immune from prosecution as a sitting head of state. His wife, Rosmah Mansor will emerge as this century’s Imelda Marcos. All of which will serve as a useful distraction for the people, as the new administration carries on down a bumpy road of reform.

M for Machiavellian
Dr M is The Master. He may lead a disparate coalition of 5 parties, but he will ultimately get his way. It is an advantage that he is an extremely fit 92 year old. He is a man in a hurry. Superhero that he is, he knows that he only has 2 years & quite possibly less, to right the wrongs and see through the necessary institutional reforms. He knows that it was on his watch that the culture of cronyism & corruption (politely called ‘money politics’) became synonymous with UMNO & BN. While he jokes about being a Dictator, there is so much to do, he cannot do it alone & he will be heavily reliant upon the energy & ideas of his coalition partners to see through the reform. His controversial track record is very well documented in the late Barry Wain’s book, “Malaysian Maverick”. He is no saint, after all, 2 out of his 5 children are probably billionaires.

Dr M is incredibly pro-business
Dr M invented the term ‘Malaysia Inc.’. This was the bringing together of the business community & politicians for the common good. In his maiden speech as PM, within minutes he mentioned the stock market, the ringgit & his pro-trade stance. He has rightly pointed out in the manifesto that many of Malaysia’s cost of living problems go away with a stronger MYR. With 22 years in power, he lived through several boom & bust cycles. In the 1990s, GLIC controlled companies like Tenaga were at worst, troughs in which politicians fed or at best, socio-economic tools for politicians. There was government directed lending by the banks. All that changed under the Badawi administration. With the excellent leadership of Azman Mohktar, Khazanah revamped the boards & management of previously un-investable companies like Bank Bumi into great companies like CIMB. Any sign that Malaysia would go back to the 1990s, would be met by a market rout.

Born again cronies?
Dr M & his then finance minister, Daim, carried out an economic experiment in the 1990’s, ‘Crony Capitalism’. The theory was that by creating Malaysian billionaires, the economic benefits would trickle down. The results were mixed. While Dr M will no doubt call on help from old friends, especially those that helped him in his hour of need. Right now, his priority is institutional reform & it is unlikely that he will attempt to repeat this economic model. In any case, his coalition partners are unlikely to let this happen. For the sake of completeness, those cronies that are still economically extant include Jeffrey Cheah (Sunway), Francis Yeoh (YTL), Ananda Krishnan (Maxis, Astro, Bumi Armada), Syed Mokhtar (MMC, DRB etc.), Vincent Tan (Berjaya), Lee Kim Yew (Country Heights) & Wan Azmi (Splash).

Lifting the mantle of fear
Overnight we have seen a change in behaviour of Malaysians. Political jokes & comments are being made without fear on social media. Such behaviour, would as recently as last week, have resulted in the authors (or senders) being arrested. Social media, which played a monumental part in the election result, will continue to play a huge role in keeping the new administration in check. This will be formalised by the repeal of the printing presses act & the anti-fake news act. In KL. Pride in the nation has returned.

Singapore, friend or foe?
Whenever Dr M’s domestic chips were down, he appeared to pick a fight with Singapore, to distract the nation. While he admittedly remains scarred by the experience he had when he was a medical student in Singapore, it was his relationship with the late Lee Kuan Yew that was difficult. Najib on the other hand, cultivated an excellent relationship with Singapore. It seems likely that Dr M no longer has a beef with Singapore. The two countries will cooperate in the 1MDB investigation & with the High Speed Train, which will likely get built at some point.

Dr M, with the help of Robert Kuok, will need to tread a difficult path with China. It is quite apparent that China exploited the weakness of PM Najib, when it was rolling out its OBOR into Malaysia. Dr M enjoyed excellent relations with China in the 1990s, but he has stated that these projects will need to be reviewed (by the MoF) to ensure that they are in Malaysia’s best interests. Unlike PM Najib, he will not be unwilling to give up sovereignty of Malaysia’s ports. It is tricky, but he has the experience, charm & tenacity to pull this off. This is of course critical for the construction & tourism sectors.

What happens to the new opposition?
Najib has been stopped from trying to flee the country on a private jet, provided by an Indonesian buddy. He has resigned from both BN & UMNO. BN is now an almost pure Malay party, rather than being multi-racial. His successor is Zahid Hamidi (acting, until UMNO elections). He enjoys a strong friendship with Anwar. Things will of course be very different going forward. The party still has a significant number of seats, but will need to undergo significant reform, before it can make a meaningful challenge. PAS, the Islamic Party, has a record 18 seats & controls the two East Coast states. At the federal level, PAS will have little influence, which gives Dr M the opportunity to reverse the political influence of religion in politics & cut government spending on religion, which had ballooned under Najib, possibly with the help of his friends in Saudi Arabia. Most BN MPs would never have dreamt that they could end up on the opposition benches. Defections to Dr M’s party seem likely, which would of course be unfortunate for the future of democracy, could it give Dr M a 2/3rds majority. Inevitably, it is already being argued that a 2/3rds majority is necessary to carry out institutional reforms. Too much comfort is a bad thing.

The market opens tomorrow after being shut for 3 trading days. During that time, we have been on a political roller coaster. This has resulted in weakness in the offshore MYR market (NDF) & the US traded Malaysian ETF. It seems likely that the market will weaken on the open, but there is a wall of money looking to buy into this weakness.

Malaysia is back!

This week, I have expanded beyond my usual distribution list. If you would like to continue receiving my sales commentary ‘Hagger on Malaysia’ going forward (average 2x a week), do please let me know.

S.J.W. Hagger


Rakyat Malaysia…

Ketahuilah bahawa Rakyat di Brunei, Singapura, Indonesia dan Thailand telah mendoakan agar parti-parti dlm Pakatan Harapan iaitu (PKR + BERSATU + AMANAH + DAP) dapat menumbangkan BN pada PRU ke – 14 ini dan berjaya membentuk Kerajaan Persekutuan yg baru di Malaysia.

Satu analisa yg menyeluruh telah pun dibuat tentang kecenderungan pengundi mengikut setiap negeri dan dijangka keputusan kecenderungan ini boleh sampai hingga tarikh pengundian sebenar iaitu 09hb Mei 2018 nanti. Malah Sofia dmaklumkan maklumat yg sama ini juga telah sampai ketangan MO1 oleh Unit Khas PRU ke – 14 pada tarikh 01.05.2018. Berikut adalah kajian statistik yg bermula dari 01.01.2018 dan berakhir 30.04.2018 terhadap kaum melayu, cina dan india adalah seperti berikut:-

Hasil pemantauan yang berterusan selama 4 bulan ini terhadap 100 000 ribu pengundi-pengundi yg layak mengundi di seluruh negara dan akan keluar mengundi pada 09hb Mei 2018 ini.

👦(1) Peratusan Pengundi Melayu :-
Kaum Melayu yg sokong PH : 47%
Kaum Melayu yg sokong BN : 32%
Kaum Melayu yg sokong PAS : 15%
Kaum Melayu yg atas PAGAR : 16%

👨(2) Peratusan Pengundi Cina :-
Kaum Cina yg sokong PH : 80%
Kaum Cina yg sokong BN : 14%
Kaum Cina yg sokong PAS : 5%
Kaum Cina yg atas PAGAR : 1%

👳(3) Peratusan Pengundi India :-
Kaum India yg sokong PH : 33%
Kaum India yg sokong BN : 24%
Kaum India yg sokong PAS : 15%
Kaum India yg atas PAGAR : 28%

🍎 Berikut adalah bayangan keputusan awal yg dijangka akan berlaku pada 9hb Mei 2018 nanti :


(1) P.001 PADANG BESAR : Datuk Zahidi Bin Zainul Abidin (BN) 🤓
(2) P.002 KANGAR : Ramli Shariff (BN) 🤓
(3) P.003 ARAU : Shahidan Bin Kassim (BN) 🤓

BN : 3
PKR : 0
PAS : 0

* Negeri Perlis kekal milik BN dulu, kini dan selamanya 🤓


(1) P.004 LANGKAWI : Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad (PKR) 💖
(2) P.005 JERLUN : Mukhriz Mahathir (PKR) 💖
(3) P.006 KUBANG PASU : Dato Amiruddin Hamzah (PKR) 💖
(4) P.007 PADANG TERAP : Khairizal Khazali (PKR) 💖
(5) P.008 POKOK SENA : Dato Hj. Mahfuz Omar (PKR) 💖
(6) P.009 ALOR STAR : Chan Ming Kai (PKR) 💖
(7) P.010 KUALA KEDAH : Dr. Azman Ismail (PKR) 💖
(8) P.011 PENDANG : Wan Saiful Wan Jan (PKR) 💖
(9) P.012 JERAI : Akhramsyah Bin Sanusi Junid (PKR) 💖
(10) P.013 SIK : Dr. Mansor Bin Abd Rahman (BN) 🤓
(11) P.014 MERBOK : Dato Tajul Urus Hj. Mat Zain (BN) 🤓
(12) P.015 SG. PETANI : Dato Johari Abdul (PKR) 💖
(13) P.016 BALING : Dato Azeez Rahim (BN) 🤓
(14) P.017 PADANG SERAI : Karupaiya Mutusami (PKR) 💖
(15) P.018 KULIM BANDAR BARU : Dato’ Saifuddin Nasution Ismail (PKR) 💖

PKR : 12
BN. : 3
PAS : 0

# Negeri Kedah bertukar pemerintahan dan Pakatan Harapan menjadi kerajaan negeri yg baru 💖


(1) P.O41 KEPALA BATAS : Dato’ Seri Reezal Merican Bin Naina Merican (BN) 🤓
(2) P.042 TASEK GELUGOR : Hj. Marzuki Bin Yahya (PKR) 💖
(3) P.043 BAGAN : Lim Guan Eng (PKR) 💖
(4) P.044 PERMATANG PAUH : Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR) 💖
(5) P.045 BUKIT MERTAJAM : Sim Chee Keong (PKR) 💖
(6) P.046 BATU KAWAN : Kasthuriraani Patto (PKR) 💖
(7) P.047 NIBONG TEBAL : Dato Mansor Othman (PKR) 💖
(8) P.048 BUKIT BENDERA : Wong Hon Wai (PKR) 💖
(9) P.049 TANJONG : Chow Kon Yeow (PKR) 💖
(10) P.050 JELUTONG : Sanisvara Nethaji Rayer A/L Rajaji (PKR) 💖
(11) P.051 BUKIT GELUGOR : Ramkarpal Singh A/L Karpal Singh (PKR) 💖
(12) P.052 BAYAN BARU : Sim Tze Tzin (PKR 💖
(13) P.053 BALIK PULAU : Dato’ Seri Dr. Hilmi Haji Yahya (BN) 🤓

PKR : 11
BN. : 2
PAS : 0

# Negeri Pulau Pinang kekal milik Pakatan Harapan 💖


(1) P.054 GERIK : Dato Hasbullah Osman (BN) 🤓
(2) P.055 LENGGONG : Dr. Shamsul Anuar Nasarah (BN) 🤓
(3) P.056 LARUT : Dato Seri Hamzah Zainudin (BN) 🤓
(4) P.057 PARIT BUNTAR : Dato Dr. Mujahid Yusof Rawa (PKR) 💖
(5) P.078 BAGAN SERAI : Dato Dr. Noor Azmi Bin Ghazali (BN) 🤓
(6) P.059 BUKIT GANTANG : Dato Hj. Khadri Khalid (PKR) 💖
(8) P.061 PADANG RENGAS : Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri Bin Tan Sri Abdul Aziz (BN) 🤓
(9) P.062 SUNGAI SIPUT : S.Kesavan (PKR) 💖
(10) P.063 TAMBUN : Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah (BN) 🤓
(11) P.064 IPOH TIMUR : Wong Kah Woh (PKR) 💖
(12) P.065 IPOH BARAT : M.KULA (PKR) 💖
(13) P.066 BATU GAJAH : V.Sivakumar (PKR) 💖
(14) P.067 KUALA KANGSAR : Dr. Ahmad Termizi Ramli (PKR) 💖
(15) P.068 BERUAS : Dato Ngeh Khoo Ham (PKR) 💖
(16) P.069 PARIT : Tarmizi Mohd Jam (PKR) 💖
(17) P.070 KAMPAR : Su Keong Siong (PKR) 💖
(18) P.071 GOPENG : Dr. Lee Boon Chye (PKR) 💖
(19) P.072 TAPAH : Dato Seri M.Saravanan (BN) 🤓
(20) P.073 PASIR SALAK : Dato Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN) 🤓
(21) P.074 LUMUT : Dr. Hatta Ramli (PKR) 💖
(22) P.075 BAGAN DATUK : Ahmad Zahid Bin Hamidi (BN) 🤓
(23) P.076 TELUK INTAN : Ngo Kho Ming (PKR) 💖
(24) P.077 TANJONG MALIM : Chang Lil Kang (PKR) 💖

PKR : 16
BN : 8
PAS : 0

# Negeri Perak bertukar pemerintahan dan Pakatan Harapan menjadi kerajaan negeri yg baru 💖


(1) P.092 SABAK BERNAM : Dato’ Fasiah (BN) 🤓
(2) P.093 SUNGAI BESAR : Budiman Bin Mohd Zohdi (BN) 🤓
(3) P.094 HULU SELANGOR : P.Kamalanathan (BN) 🤓
(4) P.095 TANJONG KARANG : Tan Sri Noh Bin Haji Omar (BN) 🤓
(5) P.096 KUALA SELANGOR : Dr Hj Dzulkefly Ahmad (PKR) 💖
(6) P.097 SELAYANG : William Leong Jee Keen (PKR) 💖
(7) P.098 GOMBAK : Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali (PKR) 💖
(8) P.099 AMPANG : Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR) 💖
(9) P.100 PANDAN : Dr. Wan Azizah (PKR) 💖
(10) P.101 HULU LANGAT : Ustaz Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus (PKR) 💖
(11) P.102 BANGI : Dr. Ong Kian Ming (PKR) 💖
(12) P.103 PUCHONG : Gobind Singh Deo (PKR) 💖
(13) P.104 SUBANG : Wong Chen (PKR) 💖
(14) P.105 PETALING JAYA : Maria Chin Abdullah (PKR) 💖
(15) P.106 DAMANSARA : Tony Phua (PKR) 💖
(16) P.107 SUNGAI BULOH : Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR) 💖
(17) P.108 SHAH ALAM : Khalid Abd Samad (PKR) 💖
(18) P.109 KAPAR : Abdullah Sani (PKR) 💖
(19) P.110 KLANG : Charles Santiago (PKR) 💖
(20) P.111 KOTA RAJA : Mohamad Sabu (PKR) 💖
(21) P.112 KUALA LANGAT : Dr. Xavier Jayakumar (PKR) 💖
(22) P.113 SEPANG : Dato Haji Marsum Bin Paing (BN) 🤓

PKR : 17
BN. : 5
PAS : 0

# Negeri Selangor Kekal Milik Pakatan Harapan 💖


(1) P.114 KEPONG : LIM LIP ENG (PKR) 💖
(2) P.115 BATU : Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai (BN) 🤓
(3) P.116 WANGSA MAJU : Dr. Tan Yee Kew (PKR) 💖
(5) P.118 SETIAWANGSA : Nik Nazmi Bin Nik Ahmad (PKR) 💖
(6) P.119 TITIWANGSA : Rina Mohd Harun (PKR) 💖
(7) P.120 BUKIT BINTANG : Fong Kui Lun (PKR) 💖
(8) P.121 LEMBAH PANTAI : Raja Nong Chik (BN) 🤓
(9) P.122 SEPUTEH : Teresa Kok (PKR) 💖
(10) P.123 CHERAS : Tan Kok Wai (PKR) 💖
(11) P.124 BANDAR TUN RAZAK : Dato’ Kamarudin Jaffar (PKR) 💖

PKR : 9
BN : 2
PAS : 0

# Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur kekal kubu kuat Pakatan Harapan 💖


(1) P.125 PUTRAJAYA : Tengku Adnan Bin Tengku Mansor (BN) 🤓


(1) P.166 LABUAN : Rosman Bin Isli (BN) 🤓


(1) P.126 JELEBU : IR Mustafar Kadir (PKR) 💖
(2) P.127 JEMPOL : Dato Hj. Salim Sarif (BN) 🤓
(3) P.128 SEREMBAN : Loke Siew Fook (PKR) 💖
(4) P.129 KUALA PILAH : Hasan Bin Malek (BN) 🤓
(5) P.130 RASAH : Cha Kee Chin (PKR) 💖
(6) P.131 REMBAU : Khairy Jamaluddin (BN) 🤓
(7) P.132 PORT DICKSON : Dato Danyal (PKR) 💖
(8) P.133 TAMPIN : Shaziman Bin Abu Mansor (BN) 🤓

# Negeri Sembilan bertukar pemerintahan dan Pakatan Harapan menjadi kerajaan negeri yg baru 💖

PKR : 4
BN : 4
PAS : 0


(1) P.134 MASJID TANAH : Mas Ermieyati (BN) 🤓
(2) P.135 ALOR GAJAH : Mohd Redzuan Yusof (Pak Wan) (PKR) 💖
(3) P.136 TANGGA BATU : Dato Zali Mat Yasin (BN) 🤓
(4) P.137 HANG TUAH JAYA : Shamsul Iskandar Haji Mohd Akil (PKR) 💖
(5) P.138 KOTA MELAKA : Khoo Poay Tiong (PKR) 💖
(6) P.139 JASIN : Khairuddin Abu Hassan (PKR) 💖

PKR : 4
BN. : 2
PAS : 0

# Negeri Melaka bertukar pemerintahan dan Pakatan Harapan menjadi kerajaan negeri yang baru 💖


(1) P.140 SEGAMAT : Dato Seri Dr. Santhara (PKR) 💖
(2) P.141 SEKIJANG : Natrah Ismail (PKR) 💖
(3) P.142 LABIS : Pang Hok Liong (PKR) 💖
(4) P.143 PAGOH : Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (PKR) 💖
(5) P.144 LEDANG : Syed Ibrahim Bin Syed Noh (PKR) 💖
(6) P.145 BAKRI : Yeo Bee Yin (PKR) 💖
(7) P.146 MUAR : Syed Saddiq (PKR) 💖
(8) P.147 PARIT SULONG : Dato’ Dr. Noraini Ahmad (BN) 🤓
(9) P.148 AYER HITAM : Liew Chin Tong (PKR) 💖
(10) P.149 SRI GADING : Datuk Aziz Kaprawi (BN) 🤓
(11) P.150 BATU PAHAT : Mohd Rashid (PKR) 💖
(12) P.151 SIMPANG RENGGAM : Dr. Maszlee Malek (PKR) 💖
(13) P.152 KLUANG : Wong Shu Qi (PKR) 💖
(14) P.153 SEMBRONG : Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Tun Husein (BN) 🤓
(15) P.154 MERSING : Dr. Abd Latiff (BN) 🤓
(16) P.155 TENGGARA : Datuk Seri Dr. Adham Bin Baba (BN) 🤓
(17) P.156 KOTA TINGGI : Datuk Halimah Binti Mohamed Sadique (BN) 🤓
(18) P.157 PENGERANG : Azalina Othman Said (BN) 🤓
(19) P.158 TEBRAU : Steven Choong (PKR) 💖
(20) P.159 PASIR GUDANG : Hassan Bin Abdul Karim (PKR) 💖
(21) P.160 JOHOR BAHRU : Akmal Nasir (PKR) 💖
(22) P.161 PULAI : Salahuddin Ayub (PKR) 💖
(23) P.162 ISKANDAR PUTERI : Lim Kit Siang (PKR) 💖
(24) P.163 KULAI : Teo Nie Ching (PKR) 💖
(25) P.164 PONTIAN : Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad Haji Maslan (BN) 🤓
(26) P.165 TANJONG PIAI : Md Farid (PKR) 💖

PKR : 18
BN. : 8
PAS : 0

# Negeri Johor bertukar pemerintahan dan Pakatan Harapan menjadi kerajaan negeri yang baru 💖


(1) P.078 CAMERON HIGHLAND : Manogaran (PKR) 💖
(2) P.079 LIPIS : Dato Badarudin Abd Rahaman (PKR) 💖
(3) P.080 RAUB : Tengku Zulpuri Shah (PKR) 💖
(4) P.081 JERANTUT : Dato Ahmad Nazlan (BN) 🤓
(5) P.082 INDERA MAHKOTA : Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah (PKR) 💖
(6) P.083 KUANTAN : Fuziah Salleh (PKR) 💖
(7) P.084 PAYA BESAR : Mohd Shahar Bin Abdullah (BN) 🤓
(8) P.085 PEKAN : Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak (BN) 🤓
(9) P.086 MARAN : Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj Ismail Bin Hj Abd Muttalib (BN) 🤓
(10) P.087 KUALA KRAU : Dato’ Seri Hj Ismail Bin Hj Mohamed Said (BN) 🤓
(11) P.088 TEMERLOH : Haji Anuar Tahir (PKR) 💖
(12) P.089 BENTONG : Wong Tack (PKR) 💖
(13) P.090 BERA : Ismail Sabri Yaakob (BN) 🤓
(14) P.091 ROMPIN : Dato’ Sri Hasan Bin Arifin (BN) 🤓

PKR : 7
BN : 7
PAS : 0

# Negeri Pahang bertukar pemerintahan dan Pakatan Harapan menjadi kerajaan negeri yang baru 💖


(1) P.033 BESUT : Idris Jusoh (BN)
(2) P.034 SETIU : Dato’ Haji Mohd Jidin Bin Shafee (BN) 🤓
(3) P.035 KUALA NERUS : Dr. Tengku Asmadi (BN) 🤓
(4) P.036 KUALA TERENGGANU : Wan Nawawi Bin Haji Wan Ismail (BN) 🤓
(5) P.037 MARANG : Mohamad Nor Bin Endot (BN) 🤓
(6) P.038 HULU TERENGGANU : Dato Rosol Bin Wahid (BN) 🤓
(7) P.039 DUNGUN : Dato Din (BN) 🤓
(8) P.040 KEMAMAN : Ahmad Shabery Cheek (BN) 🤓

BN : 8
PKR : 0
PAS : 0

# Negeri Terengganu kekal milik BN 🤓


(1) P.019 TUMPAT : Datuk Nordin Bin Salleh (PKR) 💖
(2) P.020 PENGKALAN CHEPA : Mejar Mat (PKR) 💖
(3) P.021 KOTA BHARU : Husam Musa (PKR) 💖
(4) P.022 PASIR MAS : Nor Azmawi @ BAWI (BN) 🤓
(5) P.023 RANTAU PANJANG : Abdullah Bin Mat Yasim (BN) 🤓
(6) P.024 KUBANG KERIAN : Dato Dr. Halim (PKR) 💖
(7) P.025 BACHOK : Datuk Awang (BN) 🤓
(8) P.026 KETEREH : Tan Sri Annuar Musa (BN) 🤓
(9) P.027 TANAH MERAH : Dato’ Sri Hj Ikmal Hisham Bin Abdul Aziz (BN) 🤓
(11) P.029 MACHANG : Datuk Jazlan (BN) 🤓
(12) P.030 JELI : Dato Pa’ (BN) 🤓
(13) P.031 KUALA KRAI : Dato Ramzi (BN) 🤓
(14) P.032 GUA MUSANG : Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (BN) 🤓

BN : 9
PKR : 5
PAS : 0

# Kerajaan PAS Kelantan TUMBANG dan BN berjaya menjadi kerajaan negeri yg baru 🤓


(1) P.167 KUDAT : Shariff Azman Sh Along (WARISAN) 💖
(2) P.168 KOTA MARUDU : Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili (BN) 🤓
(3) P.169 KOTA BELUD : Salleh Said Keruak (BN) 🤓
(4) P.170 TUARAN : Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Madius Tangau (BN) 🤓
(5) P.171 SEPANGGAR : Abd Rahman Bin Dahlan (BN) 🤓
(6) P.172 KOTA KINABALU : Chan Foong Hin (DAP) 💖
(7) P.173 PUTATAN : Datuk Dr. Marcus Makin Mojigoh (BN) 🤓
(8) P.174 PENAMPANG : Darell Leiking (WARISAN) 💖
(9) P.175 PAPAR : Rosnah Hj Abd Rashid Shirlin (BN) 🤓
(10) P.176 KIMANIS : Anifah Aman (BN) 🤓
(11) P.177 BEAUFORT : Datuk John Ot Ghani (PKR) 💖
(12) P.178 SIPITANG : Noor Hayaty Binti Mustapha (WARISAN) 💖
(13) P.179 RANAU : Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin (BN) 🤓
(14) P.180 KENINGAU : Jake Nointin (WARISAN) 💖
(15) P.181 TENOM : Rubin Bin Balang (BN) 🤓
(16) P.182 PENSIANGAN : Arthur Joseph Kurup (BN) 🤓
(17) P.183 BELURAN : Datuk Ronald Kiandee (BN) 🤓
(18) P.184 LIBARAN : Irwanshah Bin Mustapa (WARISAN) 💖
(19) P.185 BATU SAPI : Linda Tsen Thau Lin (BN) 🤓
(20) P.186 SANDAKAN : Stephen Wong Tien Fatt (DAP) 💖
(21) P.187 KINABATANGAN : Bung Moktar Radin (BN) 🤓
(22) P.188 SILAM : Datu Nasrun Bin Datu Mansur (BN) 🤓
(23) P.189 SEMPORNA : Mohd Shafie Apdal (WARISAN) 💖
(24) P.190 TAWAU : Mary Yap Kain Ching (BN) 🤓
(25) P.191 KALABAKAN : Abdul Ghapur Salleh (BN) 🤓

BN : 16
DAP : 2
PKR : 1
PAS : 0
SAPP : 0
HR : 0
PPRS : 0
PCS : 0
PPRS : 0

# Sabah kekal milik BN dulu, kini dan selamanya 🤓


(1) P.192 MAS GADING : Nogeh anak Gumbek (BN) 🤓
(2) P.193 SANTUBONG : Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar (BN) 🤓
(3) P.194 PETRA JAYA : Fadillah Hj. Yusof (BN) 🤓
(4) P.195 BANDAR KUCHING : Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen (DAP) 💖
(5) P.196 STAMPIN : Chong Chieng Jen (DAP) 💖
(6) P.197 KOTA SAMARAHAN : Rubiah Awang (BN) 🤓
(7) P.198 MAMBONG : Jeannoth Sinel (BN) 🤓
(8) P.199 SERIAN : Dato Sri Richard Riot Anak Jaem (BN) 🤓
(9) P.200 BATANG SADONG : Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri (BN) 🤓
(10) P.201 BATANG LUPAR : Rohani Karim (BN) 🤓
(11) P.202 SRI AMAN : Masir Kujat (BN) 🤓
(12) P.203 LUBOK ANTU : Robert Pasang Alam (BN) 🤓
(13) P.204 BETONG : Robert Lawson Chuat (BN) 🤓
(14) P.205 SARATOK : Ali Biju (PKR) 🤓
(15) P.206 TANJONG MANIS : Yusuf Bin Abd Wahab (BN) 🤓
(16) P.207 IGAN : Ahmad Johnie Bin Zawawi (BN) 🤓
(17) P.208 SARIKEI : Wong Ling Biu (DAP) 💖
(18) P.209 JULAU : Joseph Salang Anak Gandum (BN) 🤓
(19) P.210 KANOWIT : Ago Anak Dagang (BN) 🤓
(20) P.211 LANANG : Alice Lau Kiong Yieng ((DAP) 💖
(21) P.212 SIBU : Oscar Ling Chai Yew (DAP) 💖
(22) P.213 MUKAH : Hanifah Hajar Taib (BN) 🤓
(24) P.215 KAPIT : Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi (BN) 🤓
(25) P.216 HULU RAJANG : Wilson Ugak Anak Kumbong (BN) 🤓
(26) P.217 BINTULU : Dato’ Seri Tiong King Sing (BN) 🤓
(27) P.218 SIBUTI : Lukanisma Bin Awang Sauni (BN) 🤓
(28) P.219 MIRI : Michael Teo Yu Keng (PKR) 💖
(29) P.220 BARAM : Ronald Engan (PKR) 💖
(30) P.221 LIMBANG : Hasbi Bin Habibollah (BN) 🤓
(31) P.222 LAWAS : Henry Sum Agong (BN) 🤓

BN : 22
DAP : 5
PKR : 3
PAS : 0

# Sarawak kekal milik BN dulu, kini dan selamanya 🤓


PH + WARISAN. : 120 💖

BN : 102 🤓

PAS. : 0 😂

🏛 InsyaAllah pada 10hb Mei 2018 (Khamis). PH membentuk Kerajaan Persekutuan yg baru menggantikah BN. Manakala Tun Mahathir akan mengangkat sumpah dihadapan Yang Dipertuan Agong sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia yg ke – 7.

🏚 Minta semua bekerja keras pertahankan kerusi-kerusi-kerusi parlimen yg telah disebutkan disetiap negeri di atas. PH berjaya menawan 5 parlimen di Kelantan kerana hasil gerak kerja yg terancang dan senarai calon yg boleh menang dan ada integriti yang telah disusun rapi oleh Dato Hj. Husam Musa. InsyaAllah dengan perkembangan terkini dan ditambah aura anak almarhum TGNA iaitu Ustaz Nik Omar. Kita masih mampu menambah 3 ke 4 kerusi parlimen lagi dan mengubah keputusan ini dgn PH berjaya memerintah negeri Kelantan.

🏪 Keputusan Dun disetiap negeri memang sengaja tidak disiarkan kerana negeri-negeri yg jatuh ke tangan PH. Dun memihak kepada PH sehingga boleh menubuhkan kerajaan negeri.

🏭 Hanya Keputusan Parlimen disetiap negeri disiarkan sebagai gambaran awal parti mana yang akan menjadi Kerajaan Persekutuan yg baru selepas PRU ke – 14 nanti.

🕌 Kajian jangkaan keputusan PH menang sehingga membolehkan membentuk Kerajaan Persekutuan ini dibuat atas kapasiti 85% peratusan pengundi keluar mengundi.

🏘 Manakala aura Dato Shafie Apdal belum cukup kuat untuk menawan negeri Sabah. Salah satu faktor yg paling besar ialah tiada kesatuan yg kuat parti-parti pembangkang di Sabah sehingga wujud 16 parti yg bertanding. Walaubagaimanapun parti WARISAN berjaya menawan 6 parlimen untuk diberikan kepada PH utk menguatkan lagi menjadi Kerajaan Persekutuan yg baru.

🏚 Tahniah kepada semua pengundi di negeri Kedah, Perak, N.Sembilan, Melaka, Johor dan Pahang kerana berani mengambil keputusan untuk menukar kerajaan negeri yg ditadbir oleh BN sebelum ini kepada Pakatan Harapan.

🏠 Teristimewa tahniah pada rakyat Selangor dan Pulau Pinang kerana berjaya mengekalkan kerajaan negeri di bawah Pakatan Harapan.

🏥 Tahniah juga kepada Dato Seri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak kerana berjaya menjadi Ketua Pembangkang.

🏨 Takziah buat PAS diatas kejatuhan sebuah kerajaan PAS yg takfiri dan khawarij di Kelantan. Surah Al-Fatihah disedekahkan kepada parti PAS yang bercita-cita besar untuk menjadi King Maker kerana tidak berjaya menang 1 parlimen pada PRU ke – 14 ini.


Being Minimalist

(اعْلَمُوا أَنَّمَا الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا لَعِبٌ وَلَهْوٌ وَزِينَةٌ وَتَفَاخُرٌ بَيْنَكُمْ وَتَكَاثُرٌ فِي الْأَمْوَالِ وَالْأَوْلَادِ ۖ كَمَثَلِ غَيْثٍ أَعْجَبَ الْكُفَّارَ نَبَاتُهُ ثُمَّ يَهِيجُ فَتَرَاهُ مُصْفَرًّا ثُمَّ يَكُونُ حُطَامًا ۖ وَفِي الْآخِرَةِ عَذَابٌ شَدِيدٌ وَمَغْفِرَةٌ مِنَ اللَّهِ وَرِضْوَانٌ ۚ وَمَا الْحَيَاةُ الدُّنْيَا إِلَّا مَتَاعُ الْغُرُورِ)
[Surat Al-Hadid 20]

Know that the life of this world is but amusement [play](active) and diversion [entertainment](passive) and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children – like the example of a rain whose [resulting] plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes [scattered] debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion.

Allāh has told us what the dunia is all about. If you choose this world then it’s your choice.

Rasul loves 3 things

1. Perfumes

2. Wanita

3. Solat

What is the minimum we need to live a good life?

1. Preserve Aqidah

2. Preserve Life/Nyawa

3. Preserve Aqal, an action of the Qalb [Ruh]

Brain is like the router to internet

Hamba – serve willingly and unwillingly – your own will is no longer of importance.

Don’t dream to get Nur in your heart, if you have fear of human and what they say.

4. Preserve Harta

5. Preserve Maruah

What is the meaning of Zuhud?

Removing unnecessary baggages from our lives that hinders us from Allāh.

Rasullullah s.a.w. is Qaasim – distributor

Nikmat Dunia

1. Rumah yang luas

2. Kenderaan yang baik

3. Jiran yang baik

4. Pasangan yang baik

Qana’ah – reduce your needs

Isra’ Mi’raj

How do we explain to someone about the Prophet s.a.w. travelled on a “winged horse”?

Scheme or Map of Knowledge
Where does knowledge comes from?


Aqidah Fikh 3 4

Ilm Alam
1. 5 senses 2. Science 3.

What is science really?


What is physical?

Imam ArRabbani, a dream with a set of rules.

There must be evidence .. like the caravan during Isra’

When did Isra’Mi’raj happened?

13 years and only 117 converts.

3 years of boycott
Siti Khadijah (emotional support) & Uncle Abu Talib (political support) just passed away.

Sent to Tho’if

The lowest ebb of the Prophets life

He was chased for 5 miles to a garden where he was saved by a Christian family, a slave, Addas from Ninow, brought grapes and water and exchange about Ninow and Nabi Yunus … The Prophet who gave up

Surah Jin … The jins in the hills heard Prophet reciting the Quran and they were reminded of what Nabi Musa recited … They embraced Islam. They were syaitans before. And they made da’wah to the other Jins.

Nabi Sulaiman used the Jins for many functions thus they can interact with reality.

Symbolism is important. Many from the journey.

He made a powerful doa.

Complain and ask Allāh’s redha.

Ya Allah, kepada-Mu aku mengeluhkan kelemahan-kelemahanku, ketidak berdayaanku, dan kehinaanku di hadapan manusia. Wahai yang Maha Pengasih di antara yang mengasihi! Engkau Tuhan orang-orang yang lemah dan Engkau adalah Tuhanku. Kepada siapakah Engkau hendak menyerahkan diriku? Kepada orang-orang asing yang bermuka masam terhadapku atau kepada musuh yang Engkau takdirkan akan mengalahkanku?”

“Ya Allah, kepadamu aku mengadu kelemahanku, kekurangan daya upayaku dan kehinaanku pada pandangan manusia. Ya! Arhamarrahimin! Engkaulah tuhan orang yang ditindas. Engkaulah tuhanku. Kepada siapalah engkau menyerahkan diriku ini, kepada orang asing yang akan menyerang aku atau kepada musuh yang menguasai aku? Sekiranya engkau tidak murka kepadaku maka aku tidak peduli. Namun, afiatmu sudah cukup buatku. Aku berlinding dengan nur wajahMu yang menerangi segala kegelapan dan teratur diatas nur itu urusan dunia dan akhirat, daripada engkau menurunkan kemarahanMu kepadaku atau Engkau murka kepadaku. KepadaMulah aku tetap merayu sehingga Engkau reda. Tiada sebarang daya(untuk melakukan Kebaikan) dan tiada upaya(untuk meniggalkan kejahatan) kecuali denganMu.”

“Wahai Tuhanku, kepada Engkau aku adukan kelemahan tenagaku dan kekurangan daya-upayaku pada pandangan manusia. Wahai Tuhan yang Maha Rahim kepada siapa Engkau menyerahkanku? Kepada musuh yang akan menerkamkan aku ataukah kepada keluarga yang engkau berikan kepadanya uruskanku, tidak ada keberatan bagiku asal aku tetap dalam keridhaanMu. Pengetahuan Mu lebih luas bagiku. Aku berlindung dengan cahaya mukaMu yang mulia yang menyinari segala langit dan menerangi segala yang gelap dan atasnyalah teratur segala urusan dunia dan akirat, dari Engkau menimpakan atas diriku kemarahanMu atau dari Engkau turun atasku azabMu kepada Engkaulah aku adukan permasalahanku sehingga Engkau ridha. Tidak ada daya dan upaya melainkan dengan Engkau.”

“Hal itu tidak aku risaukan, jika Engkau tidak murka kepadaku. Namun, rahmat-Mu bagiku amat luas. Aku menyerahkan diri pada cahaya-Mu yang menerangi segala kegelapan dan menentukan kebaikan urusan dunia dan akhirat. Aku berlindung dari murka-Mu. Aku senantiasa mohon reda-Mu. Kerana tidak ada daya dan kekuatan kecuali atas perkenan-Mu.”