Any Type of Cancer Can be Cured in Just 2-6 Weeks

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According to Dr. Leonard Coldwell, any type of cancer can be cured in just 2-6 weeks. Check the video at the end of the page and you will be surprised by what you see. It is definitely sure that there is cure for cancer. You will probably be amazed as we did when we watched the video for the first time.

It is a well-known fact that cancer is one of the most dangerous and fatal diseases of the modern age. Many families have been left without their loved ones because of this deadly disease. The author of the article says that his father died of cancer when he was 17 and this was a turnover in his life. This was definitely the worst thing one can experience and it changed his life completely. Let`s be honest, the worst thin one can experience is watching a family member of a close friend suffering from cancer and you cannot do anything to change it. As he says, he was very happy and amazed when he saw this video for the first time, as he didn’t want to see more people battling with this disease and losing the battle. Cancer is a disease which can affect anyone and you can never know who will be next one attacked by it. He highly recommends to everyone to watch this video and start believing that there is cure for cancer.

The Cancer Industry is too Prosperous to Allow a Cure for Cancer

You are probably familiar with the term “cancer can be treated with the convention chemotherapy treatments and prescribed medications”. However, the truth is that these medications turn to be a failure and don’t cure the disease. As the author of the article says, his family has spent a little fortune on chemotherapy treatments and medications. Even though they are expensive and supposedly “effective”, all of these treatments just worsen the condition. As in the case with author`s father, he experienced agonizing pains in the last few weeks, caused by the aggressive chemotherapy treatments. In case you are wondering why the cancer industry still offers chemotherapy, radiation, and medications to their patients, the answer is very simple. They don’t care about the patients, but for their money instead. They make a lot of money by selling medications which are ineffective and offering chemotherapy treatments which do more harm than good. As a matter of fact, the conventional chemotherapy treatments are killing off more healthy cells, than the cancerous ones.

Have you ever heard about Dr. Leonard Coldwell?

Dr. Coldwell`s story is very sad because most of his family members had serious cancer issues. all seven brothers and sisters from his mother`s side suffered from carcinoma. To be even worse, his dad and his grandma have both died from cancer. He felt terrible while watching his closest family members die from this disease and he couldn’t do anything to change that. This is the reason why he decided to devote his life in finding an effective treatment for cancer that will really work.

So far, he has seen more than 35,000 patients, nearly 2.2 million partakers in his workshops who write their life stories and has more than 7 million fans who read his articles and reports. According to some eminent people in the medical industry, Dr. Coldwell is the leading doctor in this field. Believe it or not, due to his success in treating cancer effectively, his website was blocked by the federal government.

Dr. Colwell assures us that cancer can be cured in most of the cases, without the use of radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, he is not allowed to spread the word about this! As explained by the doctor himself, the people who make profit from cancer patients and the law stop him from doing so.

Both pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare earn a lot of money through cancer industry. In fact, the situation makes legislators legislate laws that actually kill us. If not, they will make you even sicker and the laws (which are allegedly protecting us) don’t allow the right treatment. In fact, they make the situation even worse by the implementation of poisonous, detrimental, and highly aggressive medical treatments.

Dr. Coldwell – The Only Answer to Cancer

Dr. Coldwell claims that any type of cancer can be cure in just 2-16 weeks. Believe it or not, he says that some types of cancer, if treated properly, can be cured in few minutes. Positivity and hopefulness are the key to the success of the healing process.

First and foremost, you need to consume a lot of vegetables. Following this type of diet gives lot of oxygen to the body. By adding calcium and other alkalizing foods, we are going to alkalize our bodies in an all natural way. This is really important, as the progress of cancer stop heavily depends on the level of alkalization of the body.

Another important thing is that our body is supposed to achieve so-called therapeutic pH level. pH has 14 levels and it varies from 0-14. The lower values are acidic while the higher values are alkaline. The neural level is the pH of 7. Once the body reaches pH 7, it is alkaline. Even though a pH level of 7.36 is good, pH of around 7.5 or higher is recommended when it comes to effectiveness of this treatment.

Dr. Coldwell claims that the “intravenous” injection of Vitamin C is very helpful. 100 cc every day, 3 times a week or less will give provide great results. Amazingly, the cancer disappears in a few days after the Vitamin C injection.

Another thing this treatment requires is the elimination of hypoxia. Dr. Coldwell’s friend offers a great solution for this – an oxygen therapy which is based on several steps. During this method, blood is taken out, it is enriched with pure oxygen and it is afterwards directly injected into the body 12 times. When the body is taken out of the blood, it has black-like color. This therapy, which is based on re-injection, leaves the color beautifully pink- as the one of a newborn baby. It is completely refreshing and it fills the body with energy.

Vitamin C and E – The Miracle Cures

According to Dr .Coldwell, you should focus on eating foods which are rich in vitamin C, such as lemons, oranges, pineapples, kiwi fruit, strawberries, cauliflower, cabbage, papaya, broccoli, and chili peppers.

However, vitamin C is not the only one that has healing properties. Vitamin E is part of this category as well, as it is very helpful when it comes to blood pressure. If it is taken properly, vitamin E is shown to provide amazing results. Make sure you opt for natural sources, instead of artificially produced ones, as the first offer better results. A study done on artificially produced vitamin E has shown that it is simply ineffective.

You should understand that chemicals are not able to help you with cancer. If we take into consideration the fact that nature is the one that brings all these diseases, it is not surprising that it is the one that comes to help. Cancer didn’t exist 100 years ago and there is simply no reason to exist now.

This means that we have caused this problem by ourselves. As already mentioned above, the best way to cure cancer is to focus on eating fresh, organic vegetables and other RAW foods.

Drink water added with Sea Salt

There is yet another thing which, according to Dr. Coldwell is very important when it comes to this treatment. We are talking about the consumption of water with sea salt. Dr. Coldwell recommends drinking 4 liters of water mixed with ½ tsp of sea salt on daily basis. However, don’t drink this solution if you are suffering from any type of kidney disease. In case you are concerned about your blood pressure levels and think that this solution may lead to elevated blood pressure levels, Dr. Coldwell says that there is no need to worry. Even though most people believe that excessive amount of salt is bad for you, it is actually the opposite. Lack of salt causes certain problems in your blood, as salt is essential.

According to Dr. Coldwell, the electrical signal transmits only if the required amount of salt is present in our body.

What Kind of Salt You Should Use?

Table salt, the most common type of salt, is actually the most problematic, as it is only a third of actual salt. It contains 1/3 of sand and 1/3 of glass. This can lead to serious health issues, as both sand and glass irritate the blood vessels and cause bleeding in the blood vessels themselves. This eventually causes cholesterol builds up which clog up in order to protect the blood vessels. Now, you will think that high cholesterol levels can cause hypertension, right? Well, if this is the case, you are wrong again. This is definitely not true because high cholesterol levels are not deadly. Some people who had cholesterol as high as 60 didn’t suffer from any disease in their life. On the other hand, you are likely to experience some serious health issues due to deficiency in cholesterol.

HDL and LDL are Proteins that Move Cholesterol?

Most people have never heard about this before. It is a well known fact that there is HDL and LDL cholesterol, commonly known as good and bad cholesterol. However, Dr. Coldwell disagrees by saying that it is not cholesterol. According to him, they are proteins that move cholesterol. It turns out that everything we knew about is completely wrong. You are probably wondering how the things stated by doctors can be wrong. Well, Dr. Neal`s opinion perfectly explains it all. He says that according to the statistics, doctors have the shortest life span – they live 56 years, they suffer from alcoholism, drug abuse, as well as has the highest rate of suicides – it is higher only with psychiatrist – and yet we go to ask them how to live longer, happier and healthier life.

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